Mid-America Clarinet Festival Wrap-up

The Mid-America Clarinet Festival was a great success! Hosted at Ohio State University, this festival was the first of many to follow. The ICA has finally began to offer festivals outside of its ever popular ClarinetFest, which often happens in places that are too far away for some. I was thrilled to be able to present at the festival on my research on clarinet ensemble music and the upcoming release of my website the Clarinet Ensemble Music Wiki, which will be completed in 2015.

The guest of honor for this festival was the incredible Richard Stoltzman. An alumnus of the Ohio State University, Stoltzman received his Bachelor’s degree from the university in music and mathematics. Stoltzman was welcomed back with much gusto by faculty and conference attendees alike.

Michigan State University was well-represented by my colleague Kip Franklin. Dr. Franklin performed the clarinet and saxophone duo by Greg Wanamaker with fellow MSU alum, saxophonist Todd Gaffke. The performance was musically sensitive and technically impressive. The blend between the two musicians was incredible.

ICA has announced that it will be holding other regional conferences throughout the year to give members an opportunity to come together and share research, tech, and music. For more information on these conferences, please visit http://www.clarinet.org